BASE Affiliate Hostel in Perth

The Old Swan Barracks is now the Affiliate Backpacker Hostel  for the BASE Backpacker Hostel Group for Perth, Western Australia.

BASE Backpacker Hostels are a revolution in beds, bars and entertainment. Base hostels are located throughout Australia and New Zealand and are specially designed for you, the modern day global travellers, with state of the art facilities, superior comfort and friendly services. Our backpacker hostels in Australia include Sydney Backpackers, Melbourne Backpackers, Brisbane, Magnetic Island, Cairns Hostels, Agnes Water 1770 & Darwin. In New Zealand you can experience Base in our hostel backpackers located in Auckland, Bay of Islands, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & Wanaka

What the Guardian UK had to Say about the Base Backpacker Hostels.
BASE Backpacker hostels was named in the Worlds Top Ten hostels at the Hostel World Hoscars and then listed in the UK Guardian newspapers amongst the top 10 designer hostels.

BASE Backpacker Hostels - It's all about you!

Do you want more in a backpackers hostel? Don't you hate it when your clothes get wet when you take a shower, or mouldy shower curtains? Doesn't it do your head in? We agree, so we held a board meeting in the shower, right at the source, and found a simple fix. We built bigger cubicles, added extra hooks, passed a policy of always fitting safety glass or plastic shower screens and we added a dressing area with a change bench. Many say big backpacker hostels feels impersonal, clinical and it's hard to meet people. Hello? At BASE we know that travellers stay at hostels to meet people. A BASE hostel has been designed with this in mind. We provide lots of BASE space for chill time, chow time, fun time, and drink time, good times and peace time. Our vibe is friendly and relaxed. At BASE, it's all about the traveller... you!

The Old Swan Barracks past the test and thats why we are the only "Base Affiliate Backpacker Hostel in Perth for the BASE Hostel Group for Perth, Western Australia.